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Dorset Road Safe incorrectly claiming benefit for ksi reductions yet again

All that Dorset Road $afe seems to be able to come up with is condescending comments about those it stops, and wishful thinking about it’s effectiveness. No evidence or even any attempt to provide a credible argument that it saves lives. Common sense, and data and events in Dorset and around the UK all say the same thing – the current automated speed enforcements cost lives, they don’t save them. And education, that’s a joke. The message seems to be obey the law, don’t think about it, no excuse. What good is “awareness” under this approach? You only need “education” if you need help understanding whether 28, 29, 31, 32 etc. are above or below 30. For every person “educated”, the Dorset authorities make an obscene 150% (£60) PROFIT, although it’s probably much higher than this as they are unable to state what the £813,000 claimed for cost of courses is spent on and even refuse to communicate about this question, even under FOI, and a driver behaving badly (if that's what it is) it able to buy off the penalty points they should have received. 

KSIs are down sharply across the country, largely due to rocketing fuel and insurance costs, recession, improved engineering, safer cars, etc etc. It is arrogant, ignorant and dishonest for Dorset Road Safe to claim all the credit for this through “no excuse”.

Again, you need nothing more than common sense to see why “no excuse” doesn’t work – it’s simply making people better at not getting caught, it’s not improving driving. And it’s targeting largely trivial and harmless problems, not tailgating, dangerous overtaking, bad use of sliproads / junctions etc. The laws are ridiculous, we have speed limits MUCH too low and although holding a phone briefly while sitting in traffic is illegal, reading / writing emails etc. with a cradle mounted phone driving at normal speeds, technically, is not. This is why laws have to be enforced with a degree of COMMON SENSE, far from what we have now with the rush to get as many people as possible onto courses at huge profit.

Dorset Road Safe is unable to answer concern / criticism, this completes the picture of an organisation that seems interested only in itself, not saving life.