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Dorset Strategic Road Safety Partnership - involvement of the public refused

The Chief Superintendent of Dorset Police, Colin Searle, following a constructive meeting with me suggested to the Dorset Strategic Road Safety Partnership (DSRSP) that it might be useful to allow me to attend one of the meetings, but this was refused.  


So, we are left with a "Road Safety Partnership" in Dorset which:

1. Refuses to talk to the public.

2. Does it's best to conceal financial details such as how the claimed £813,000 for courses is spent.

3. Although it processes "law breakers" it persists with operations not actually likely to:

    -reduce the trivial / harmless lawbreaking it so keenly targets

    -target the serious problems (of which there are many) on the roads most likely to result in serious accidents

4. Vigorously denies negative effects of speed cameras despite all the vast amounts of evidence including a motorcyclist killed on the A338 panic breaking for a speed camera, and shockingly, EVEN GOES AS FAR as refusing to talk to camera operators about this, thereby proving that it is not qualified to make decisions on road safety.

5. Demonstrates remarkable naivety / optimism in commenting on it's "successes" 

6. Causes widespread cost, worry, anger, inconvenience and distress to large numbers of good, safe motorists at the most ridiculous speed limits (for example Holes Bay Road) with the resulting contempt for the police and the law by the public it so badly needs support from IN THE INTEREST OF ROAD SAFETY. 

7. Is continuing to waste money on badly chosen installations / operations, inappropriate speed limit reductions, etc.

8. Does not appear to be a "partnership" at all but a collection of self interested departments ticking their own boxes totally remote from the realities or the end effects.

9. Seems not concerned in the slightest if it’s operations are actually increasing, rather than decreasing deaths and serious injuries, which all the evidence suggests.

10. Tries to obscure the obvious financial motivations by only mentioning "fine revenue" which goes to the government (as if that would be a good thing).

11. Completely fails to deny any suggestions of any of the above


and (probably) worst of all:

12. Promotes it's own success by taking money from people by not prosecuting them and using this money for it's own purposes including almost certainly to protect jobs, and uses it's own authority to decide on which activities it undertakes and seems to much prefer the activities which make the most money, not save the most lives, thereby costing further lives. 


And so it will continue because no one can do anything about it.


No wonder they don't want anyone actually confronting them with this - they would have no defence. As I have said before, I would have no problem with anything I have ever done in my work being challenged by anyone, as I have always worked honestly, and with integrity and professionalism, in fact, any challenge would be as welcome as praise as it would enable me to demonstrate that with the information I had at the time I made the best overall decision, even if it may have turned out to be unpopular or incorrect. If I had been incompetent etc. then I would like as little attention / discussion etc. as possible.


DSRSP are not interested in the slightest with "engaging with the public", and have failed to engage with me from the start, apart from Adrian Whiting (and more recently Colin Searle), the only persons who have ever shown any signs of integrity / professionalism in the Dorset Authorities in the 7 years or so that I have simply been trying to get Dorset Road Safe to look at road safety, not making money.


If I'm wrong on any of this, DRS, DSRSP, do please let me know, otherwise I will have to assume I am right.