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More wishful thinking about "No Excuse"

We're seeing more and more nonsense in Dorset, it's getting hard to keep up: 




I see. So because there were 6 killed and 75 seriously injured, and in an equivalent period last year, the numbers were 8 and 79, chief fire officer Darran Gunter, states: “The No Excuse Campaign, of which Dorset Fire and Rescue Service are a key partner, continues to provide demonstrable quarter by quarter progress, in reductions of fatalities and injuries.”


So No excuse (and nothing else) saved exactly 2 lives and 4 serious injuries. Oh good grief.


I'm sure that those in the Dorset Fire Authority do excellent and difficult work (unlike those in Dorset Road Unsafe) but perhaps they should stick to tackling fires, not numbers.


This shows rolling 12 monthly cumulative chart of child ksi casualties for Dorset. 




Note the absurd trend line which has been dreamed up by someone which looks more like part of a circle than anything else. So has no excuse also doubled child casualties in the last 5 months?  


This shows the total ksi count:





Over a period of time we can see only a gentle downward slope, due to all sorts of things like:

-         rocketing fuel and insurance costs hitting the youngest and most dangerous drivers the most

-         increasing proportion of safer cars on the road, air bags, anti-skid brakes, safety cages, etc etc.

-         road engineering improvements

-         recession


 and even over 3 years, we cannot see that no excuse has made any difference at all.


While everyone in Dorset Road Unsafe keeps on telling themselves and everyone else that "no excuse" is working, while it completely fails to tackle seriously dangerous driving, the progress that should be being made is not.


Can I suggest, in the interest of progress, that Dorset Road Unsafe stops these stories of total fantasy and gets success properly, scientifically, and independently assessed. Or might that provide a result that might be inconvenient?


It is of course dangerous to rely on something for safety that doesn't actually work.