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No Excuse campaign causes funding gap


I missed this one:




It is truly reassuring to see that Dorset Road Unsafe is struggling to find people low enough to take money off safe drivers while making the roads more dangerous – perhaps the human race is not as bad as I thought it was.

It has to instead pay the remaining few significant amounts of overtime to stay out there taking the money.


Looking at the stats for the Cooper Dean camera (where Timothy Rowsell was killed partly due to a mobile camera) you can see how desperate they are to enforce the most ridiculous limits to keep them all in work.

The 85th percentile speed (widely acknowledged as a good indication of what the limit should be) is 65, EVEN WITH a 50 limit (this indicates the true value is somewhat higher).

75% of speeds are above the limit.

Even after years and years of “speed kills” from DRS and previously DSCP.


The only thing this proves is that when you make limits far too low, they will be ignored, EVEN IF they are enforced. Very convenient for DRS. But anyone who thinks this has got ANYTHING to do with safety seriously needs a checkup.

And the fact that with the help of Poole Council, they now have a similar location on the Dorset Way, shows how far they will go. When everyone has got used to these enforcements, the councils will reduce limits again, perhaps to 40 or 30.


Anyway, this article is yet more evidence (if we needed it) that the activities of Dorset Police / Road Unsafe are driven by financial goals, not safety.