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Shut down Dorset Road Safe NOW

In Northamptonshire last year, deaths reduced by a whopping 21% - after they sacked their “road safety partnership” jobsworths and shut down speed cameras. It’s time we did the same in Dorset:

"There were 19 deaths on Northamptonshire’s roads during 2011, down from 24 in 2010 and continuing the downward trend of the past six years. The drop represented a 21 per cent fall compared with 2010, and a 44 per cent decrease compared with 2009, when 34 people died.

The latest figures come despite the county’s casualty reduction partnership being disbanded, leading to all 40 fixed speed cameras being switched off on April 1 last year. "

In Dorset, despite one of the loudest years of "no excuse" and tens of thousands going on driver awareness courses, we have an increase in deaths in 2011, even despite being in a period of significant downward trend, due largely to rocketing fuel and insurance costs taking the glamour out of motoring, pricing out the youngest and most dangerous drivers, safer cars, recession, etc etc. And Dorset Road Safe gets an award for it! How much more ridiculous is this going to get?

Shut down Dorset Road Safe NOW